Guide to quantum therapies

Do you know about quantum therapies? This revolution refers to the vision we have of the world, diseases and medicine.

Quantum medicine of the new world is the combination of several biologically and ecologically pure energetic factors which include: magnetic fields, infrared, laser and low electrical voltage pulses similar to that of biological ones whose action has the purpose of restoring this electromagnetic field disturbed by pathology.

Scientific studies have shown that quantum therapy repairs cell membrane disorders and thus, restores damaged information between cells, organs, and systems.

This revolutionary therapy was conceived and developed at the end of the last century in Russia by scientists and doctors specializing in aerospace medical research in order to treat cosmonauts subjected to the perverse effects of extended trips to space stations.

ln this book, you will discover an ample variety of devices including those of bioresonance, mainly Russian-made. Given that they are well-developed, they are able to perform a very accurate diagnosis and treat many diseases.

Why use quantum therapies?

They offer the possibility to fully harmonize the individual, given that they allow to connect to the customer through a range of vibratory levels including the most dense and the finest. They suggest an interrelation between physical symptoms, energy imbalances and emotional disorders, they use electromagnetic frequencies to re-harmonize these imbalances and rely on the body’s ability to self-regulate. By harmonizing the energetic body, the chemistry of the physical body gradually adjusts.

Quantum therapies are, without a doubt, part of the medicine of the future as they offer great hope.

Good discovery of this new world,