Guide to ancestral medicine around the world

« Tradition is the repetition of popular habits and customs that come to us from the past. This is the definition given by Professor Mbola Morel.

Currently, thanks to advances in science and technology, we have the ability to print organs on a daily basis in the world, thus surgeons can « repair » brains, one of the most complex organs of the human body.

Our civilization is turning more and more towards the natural and organic: a number of allopathic remedies are no longer reliable as they appeared a few years ago. We are currently experiencing a shift in the approach towards health and well-being, and through these ancestral practices, we have the means to sort out what is toxic and what is good for us.

Ancient civilizations had, thanks to their traditional healers, holistic healers who had a holistic approach, on how to heal.

Although we do not always have laboratory evidence regarding the effectiveness of this care, it remains undeniable that the results have been reproduced for millennia; For example, this is the case of artemisia, which is traditionally used to treat malaria and is currently being researched by pharmaceutical companies.

Man is complex, a holistic approach is necessary for a balance between him and the Universe.

Hoping that this new knowledge will allow us all to live a healthier life,